Our Story; a decade of experience and innovation come together to birth a new concept


Brand Identity

Lakesyde Farms guarantees the best products/service to clients, at the best competitive rates, believing that success does not happen by chance.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to: To be a household brand by 2024 and develop a sustainable way/system of growing vegetables that will yield fresh hygienic produce that exceeds their expectation

Our Hallmarks

Excellence, Integrity & Accountability

Specialty Farming

Producing a consistent range of fresh healthy vegetables and other foods all year round through innovative & technological systems.

Research & Development

We undertake research in all agriculture areas with scientific and appropraite methodologies/systems to get accurate and factual results/report.

We are involved in capacity building and development of rurual farmers, who are outgrowers to improve their skills and income through agric.


With the commitment to sustainable agriculture ‘using half as many resources for twice as much food’, Greenstaples was birthed with the aim of utilizing limited resources through effective and efficient management with a soilless culture technology which is an intensive and high turnover system to produce high quality, clean vegetables, off a small area.

About us

Established in 2010, Lakesyde Farms is an all year round crop farm that grows chilis mainly and a variety of crops for both export and local market. Its major focus has been the supply of healthy quality vegetables/crops, with less/minimal or no use of recommended chemicals to the local and export markets. The purpose of the operation of the farm is to provide clients/consumers with quality hygienic foods that are affordable and exceeds their expectations.

Lakesyde Farms is located in Agordome Volta Region, Ghana, next to the White Volta at latitude 5o 95N, longitude 0o 63E.

We also undertake research and development in all agricultural fields from operational to marketing research with close collabration with higher educational institutions and NGO's in Ghana and across the globe.
Finally we undertake irrigation design, installation and sale for farms, homes and gardens.



Products & Services


Research & Development


Green Business


Our Portfolio

We are previlaged to have or continue to work, research, partner or supply prestigious clients such as Ministry of Food & Agric (MoFA)-Ghana, Green Label Ghana, Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC), CitiVeg-UG, GhaNuts, Newco Ghana, Blow Chem. Industries, University of Ghana, Movenpick, Master Meat Ghana, Fresh Mark Ghana,

Enact Royal Holloway UK,Taraba Farms-Ng., Kasher Organic Farms-Ng., West Africa Center For Crop Improvement (WACCI), SowGreen Farms

Peanut Trails

Agronomic, Market Research

Farmers Trainning

Capacity building of FBO's


Community Entry & Impact

Quality Supply

Consistent & Reliable

Tomato Research

Draught tolerant Variety

Accurate Accessments

Detailed, Reliable

Cilamte Conscious

Green & Smart Agriculture

Variety Trails

Sustainable, Adaptive


We design, develop and install customized automated irrigation urban/backyard farm anywhere across cities. Lakesyde believes in a new approach in urban farming for a better world. We go for fresh quality high yield in high volume nutritious and delicious greens in a sustainable way.

Urban/Backyard Farming

Clean & Hygienic

Year round production

Low maintenance

Lower labour costs

Soilless Culture

Grow without soil

Growing efficiency

Healthier Plants/Crops

Longer shelf life

Sustainable Farming


No pesticides

Minimal land usage

90% less water usage

The Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 3: Good health and well-being

SDG 13:Climate Action

SDG 14: Live under water

SDG 15: Life on Land


Happy Clients


Modern Websites




Fast Support

Pricing Table

At Lakesyde Farms, we strive for excellence in all that we do and respect our environment and our people. We make the health of our consumers a major concern.

It our objctive to provide customers with fresh hygienic healthy produce that exceeds customers’ expectation.


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Farm News & Tips

As part of our quest to innovate, develop and transform agriculture/farming in Ghana, Lakesyde Farms has developed and prototyping the urban farming program.We are previlaged to be a member of the Cohort 5 Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) program with our Urban farming program.

Induction into the GCIC incubator programme.

April 8, 2019 ackwnloedgement as aGreen Business

Creating a sustainable business to keep Mother Earth Alive

Soilless substarte/media innovation to change the way we produce

2017-Date R & D Soilless Agricultural Technology

Grow Easy, Fresh, Double and anywhere; rooftops, balcony's, backyards etc.

Soilless farms/shops in and across the capital and country

Jan 30, 2020 for Implementation

Fresh, Quality Long lasting fruits and vegetables all year round at your doorstep

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